Warmer Days to Come California Look
No Longer On Sale
The great poet Emily Dickenson once said that hope is a thing with feathers. But here at DailyLook, we think dreams are made of chunky accessories, sheer tops, and stylish shoes! Even while muddling through this shortened month, the opportunities for chic are endless. Our faith in the stylish power of denim shorts is quickly restored when we note to pair them with a slouchy top and a sheer polka dot scarf. Because while hope may be ephemeral to the poet, we optimistically feel that the sartorial static of mid-February is too, and that a spring of inspiring outfits is just around the corner.
Camilla Erichson, Fashion Stylist
Whether you plan on spending your days languidly lounging poolside, partying it up at the beach, or just trying to stay cool in the city, I've whittled down your must-haves to a few simple items that will keep you looking assuredly fashionable wherever your travels may take you.
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