Olive Denim High Waist Mix & Match Look
No Longer On Sale
We were thinking about one of Picasso's fabled quotes the other day - "Bad artists copy. Good artists steal," and realized that it's practically perfect for DailyLook - with a slight tweak, of course! Our interpretation of this phrase is simple: while it's almost always possible to simply replicate an outfit, it's invariably better to use that ensemble as a starting point for your own creation. On that note, for today's look, we've gathered an amazing set of pieces for you to use as fashionable springboards. Whether it's a military inspired olive t-shirt, or a waist high jersey skirt, you're sure to find ideas in today's look and, hopefully, inspiration too!
Camilla Erichson, Fashion Stylist
I knew that it was only a matter of time before high-waisted style would no longer be content with just infiltrating and taking over skirts too. Well, dear shoppers, that hour is upon us and skirts have officially gotten the high-rise treatment.
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