Like A Chic Virgin Look
No Longer On Sale
When we started to think about the most noteworthy fashion moments involving lace, our brains were immediately flooded with images of Madonna rolling around in a white bustier dress singing "Like A Virgin" at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards and Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Both are bridal gowns involving lots of lace, but that lace can move beyond bridal associations. Keep this delicate frock from looking matrimonial by adding accessories such as an armful of stacked silver bangles and an oversized bird print scarf. The combination of the abbreviated hemline and the modern accents free the frock from any fussy connotations.
Britt Maren, Fashion Stylist
Go for a lace dress with a streamlined silhouette, mini hemline, and style it with unexpected accents that'll result in a modern look worth spotlighting.
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