No Longer On Sale
Some may say this dress is white with black stripes and other may say it’s black with white stripes. Regardless of your perspective, we can all agree that this dress is the perfect canvas for our summer and fall wardrobes. To keep this dress in summer’s point of view, we accessorized with a bright yellow shoulder bag, black flats and white jewels. Shift perspective when the weather gets cooler by focusing on chic leather jackets and boots.
Jess Wilde, Fashion Stylist
We're debunking the myth that stripes aren't flattering on all body types. If you love stripes, but have a curvier figure, have no fear! Pair this dress with a short cardigan and a waist belt. This will call attention to the smallest part of your body. Also, throw on a pair of heels to create a longer, leaner line.
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