Frequently Asked Questions


How does DailyLook work?
Every morning, we send you an email which showcases the latest fashion trends that we've styled for you. You can purchase any items of the look that you like. Receiving the DailyLook email is free. Watch the below video to see more about how DailyLook works.
How long does my order take to ship?
Most orders ship within 1-3 business days after they are placed.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card and Paypal.
How do I cancel my DL Box subscription?
We're sorry to see you go. Simply submit your cancellation request by clicking here.
What are your Terms and Conditions?
You can review the DL Box Terms & Conditions here.
How do you ship the orders?
This is our standard shipping method:
-Orders shipped to street addresses in the continental U.S.: USPS, FedEx, or UPS
-Orders shipped to P.O. boxes and rural routes in the continental US: USPS
-Orders shipped to Hawaii and Alaska: These orders must ship using Air service.
Can I get my Sample Sale order any faster?
Have your Sample Sale order shipped to the billing address, make sure all information is accurate at check out and select one of the following expedited shipping methods at check out.

For orders shipped to street addresses in the continental United States, we offer UPS 2 Day Air and UPS Overnight Service.

For PO boxes, rural routes and shipments to Hawaii and Alaska, we offer USPS priority mail which can take up to 5 business days for the order to arrive once it has been shipped.

If you would like to use any of these methods, please indicate your choice in the Shipping Options section during Checkout.

Please be aware that we cannot ship orders the same day that we receive them, so plan accordingly. Please also be aware that UPS does not deliver on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays. For this reason, a Next Day Air package shipped on Friday will arrive on Monday. Please plan accordingly!
Can I ship my order to a different state or address from my billing address?
Sure, you certainly may ship to any address you wish. Please note if you ship to an alternative address, we may require additional identity verification. You may be contacted by our verification team. To expedite the processing of your order, please be available at the phone number or email address that you provide so that we are able to contact you if need be. Please note that if our verification team is unable to contact you, this could cause delays in the processing of your order or lead to cancellation of your order. We apologize if this may cause any inconvenience.
I paid for next day air service and my Sample Sale order didn't arrive the next day after I placed the order.
Next Day Air Service means your Sample Sale order will be shipped by that shipping method 1-3 days after the order has been placed. If your Sample Sale order happens to ship on a Friday, it will be delivered on Monday as FedEx does not deliver on weekends or Holidays. If it ships on a Tuesday it should arrive the next business day, once the package is picked up by our carrier they are responsible for the package.
How can I check on the status of my order?
Click on the "Sign In" link at the top right corner of the website.
Enter your account information into the fields of the popdown box and click "Submit"
You will then be redirected to the homepage. Once there, click the "My Account" link at the top of the site.
Once at the "My Account" page, click the "Order Status" link.
The status of my order states Pending for the past 3-4 days.
There was a problem with your order when it was processed. Your address did not match with what's on file with your credit card company or you did not type in the correct 3 digit Card ID on the back of your credit card. If your billing address is different from your shipping address, this may cause a delay as well.
The status of my order reads "Shipped" but there is no tracking activity on the tracking number in my account?
If your order is marked shipped and assigned a tracking number, this means your order has been submitted to our warehouse for shipment and is awaiting pick up from our carrier, the tracking number will have tracking activity within 48-72 business hours.
Do you collect sales tax?
Yes, we collect sales tax when we're required to, based on state and local tax laws. We don't currently collect sales tax in all states - you'll know if your state is among the states that require sales tax if you see sales tax calculated on your receipt. We remit all collected sales tax to the government. In situations where you return an item for a refund, the refund will include the taxes you previously paid for the item, if any.
Do store credits expire?
Yes, they expire 2 years after issuance and we will email you a courtesy email reminder a week before expiration.

NOTE: An exception to this policy is store credits issued for the DL Box $40 styling fee. These credits expire 30 days after issuance, are non-refundable, and can't be used once expired. We will still send you a courtesy email reminder a week before expiration. Please see the DL Box Terms & Conditions for more information.
Can I make a change on my order, add an item or make an address correction?
Due to our high volume, all orders that are processed successfully go directly to the shipping floor within minutes after the order is placed to get it shipped to you as quick as possible. We are unable to modify or cancel your order once it has been placed and handed over to our warehouse. Please make sure all information is correct before placing your order.
How can I cancel my order?
We are unable to modify or cancel your order once it has been handed over to our warehouse. It is impossible to locate one order out of hundreds that are awaiting shipment.

Due to our high volume, all orders that are processed successfully go directly to the shipping floor within minutes after the order is placed to get it shipped to you as quick as possible. We are unable to modify or cancel your order once it has been placed and handed over to our warehouse. Please make sure all information is accurate when placing your order.If you are not satisfied with your order, you can exchange or return the item. Please see the policy and instructions here.
What is your exchange/return policy?
DL Boxes returned after 30 days from the allotted (5) Business Day checkout period will be subject to a 30% restocking fee.

Returns made after 60 days shall be refunded in store credit. Items must be in new condition with tags attached. No returns will be accepted after 90 days.

Refunds and credits will be issued upon receipt of all eligible returns.

For Sample Sale returns and exchanges, please click here to read our policy and instructions to know what you need to do have your items exchange or if you are returning your order for a refund or a store credit.
Will I be emailed my tracking number once my order ships out?
Yes, you are emailed your tracking number once the order has been approved to ship, assigned a tracking number and handed over to the warehouse for shipment. Please note: Although your order has been marked shipped and you receive this email confirmation, please allow up to 48-72 hours for tracking information to be available.
I entered the wrong address, or my address was incomplete when I placed my order, what can I do to have the ship-to address corrected?
We are unable to modify any order once it has been placed and sent to our warehouse for shipment. However, if your order has already been shipped, your order will come back to us as undeliverable and we'll contact you to update the address. A shipping fee of $8.95 will be deducted and a credit for the balance of your order will post to your account.
How do I use a Promotional Code?
In the order process, we will ask for the promotional code before you finalize the order, please apply the discount code at checkout. Make sure it is entered correctly. The system will deduct the discount from the purchase price before it is finalized. Special promotional codes cannot be combined with other offers and are not retroactive. Feel free to share with family and friends.
Can I apply more than one promotional code per order?
You can only apply one promotional code per order. If you try to apply an additional promotional code to your order, the new code will be applied and the first code will be removed.

Box Subscription

How much does DL personal styling cost?
You will only be charged for items you keep. These items cost $60 and up depending on your spending preferences (please see below). You will be billed a $40 styling fee each time we send you a box. The $40 will be added to your account as a store credit, which you can use on items in your box or on any purchase you make on dailylook.com. Each $40 styling fee credit expires 30 days from the date of issue and is not refundable.
How much do items in my DL box cost?
Items in your box cost $60 and up depending on the spending preferences that you indicate in your style profile. You pay for the items you wish to keep, and send back the rest. Shipping is free both ways.
When am I charged for the personal styling fee?
You are charged $40 each time your stylist begins styling your box based on your delivery preference. This will typically be about a week before the delivery date you've selected. The $40 will be applied to your account as a styling fee credit that may be used toward items in your DL Box or any item on dailylook.com for 30 days. Each $40 styling fee credit expires 30 days from the date of issue and is not refundable. Styling fee credits are not able to be combined or credited to past orders.
Can I change my box delivery date?
You may change the delivery date of your DL Box by visiting My DL Box, and selecting Change My Delivery Date under My Box Delivery. You can also update it when completing checkout for your DL Box.
How can I checkout?
Once you receive your box, log into dailylook.com and click My DL Box. Here you will be able to let us know which items you would like to keep and which you want to return, along with any feedback on the items. Then just send back the items you don't want in the provided bag and shipping label.
How long do I have to try everything on?
Starting from the date your box is delivered, you have 5 days to try on all the pieces in the comfort of your own home, complete checkout online on your DL Box page, and send back any unwanted items.
How long do I have to send back the items I don't want to keep?
You have 5 days after you receive your box to send back returns in the mail. If the 5th day falls on a Sunday, please return by the following business day. If returns aren't postmarked by the 5th day, we'll assume you love your entire box and charge you for all the items in it. Don't worry, we'll send you email and text message reminders before we charge you. If you need a few extra days due to busy schedules, just ask your Stylist to extend your checkout date and they'll take care of you.
What if I need more time to complete checkout and return the items I don't want to keep?
You can extend checkout by visiting My DL Box and clicking on the "Need to Extend Checkout?" link under the Checkout button. Note, the Checkout button and the Checkout Extension link will only appear once you have a box that has been delivered.
How long will it take my return order to be processed?
Your return order will be processed within 5 business days.
Can I skip a month?
Yes, you can skip a month, by visiting My DL Box, and selecting Skip My Next Box under My Box Delivery.
Can I pause my subscription?
Yes, you can pause your subscription for up to 12 months by visiting My Account and clicking on the "Pause My Box Subscription" link.
How do I cancel my subscription?
We're sorry to see you go. Simply submit your cancellation request by clicking here. You will receive an email once your cancellation is confirmed. Remember, if you don't like the style of the your box or feel like it doesn't match your lifestyle needs, you may change your stylist by visiting My DL Box.
Why can't I cancel my subscription?
If there's a box in transit to you from your Stylist, you won't be able to cancel your subscription until you receive your box, check out, and return your box. If there's a return in transit to us, you will need to wait until the return is received in order to complete your cancellation.

Gift Certificate

Do I need to be a member of Dailylook in order to purchase a Gift Certificate?
No, you do not have to be a member of Dailylook. Anyone can purchase a Gift Certificate.
Do Dailylook Gift Certificates expire?
No, Dailylook Gift Certificates do not expire.
Can Dailylook Gift Certificates be refunded?
We can only issue a refund to the purchaser if the gift certificate has not yet been redeemed by the recipient. If the recipient enters the gift code on the redeem page, we will no longer be able to process the refund.
What are the shipping options for the physical Dailylook Gift Certificate?
The physical Dailylook Gift Certificate will ship between 5 - 7 business days from the time the order has been placed. If you want your gift certificate to arrive by December 25th, we recommend placing your order by December 16th.
How will I know that my recipient received the electronic Dailylook Gift Certificate via email?
The electronic Dailylook Gift Certificate will be emailed to your recipient on the date that you selected. If your recipient does not see the gift certificate in her inbox, we ask that she check her spam folder.
How do I redeem my Dailylook Gift Certificate?
To redeem your Dailylook Gift Certificate, please visit dailylook.com/redeemgift. If you are an existing Dailylook member, you will need to sign in and enter your gift code. If you are a new client, you will need to create an account and enter your gift code.
How do I check the balance of my Dailylook Gift Certificate?
You can check the balance of your Dailylook Gift Certificate by logging into your account and viewing your amount under Store Credits.
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