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What They're Saying About Dailylook

I Tried DailyLook's Fashion Subscription Box That's Curated by a Personal Stylist - And It Changed My Style for Good

By Madison Alcedo
With so many subscription boxes on the market, it may be hard to decide which is the best, but DAILYLOOK was a great place to start for a newbie like myself. What I love most about DAILYLOOK is that there are stylists on-hand to help pick out up to 12 pieces every month Read the article
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"Let's think about the 3 c's - classic, casual, color. We want to put that in your wardrobe and at DAILYLOOK, we have all of those options for you."
KTLA5 - Summer Wardrobe Essentials, July 08, 2019
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I tried Dailylook - the brands it carries are on the pricey side, but the selections were spot-on.

By Connie Chen
Though I write about products every single day, I'm actually not a huge shopper in my personal life. Shopping for clothing in particular tires me out, and after a couple hours of sifting through racks and sweating profusely in small dressing rooms, I'm ready to grab a drink and call it a day. Personal styling services were basically made for shopping haters like me. Online shopping by myself, while much more convenient, can still be overwhelming. But I wouldn't want to forego shopping altogether and just wear a T-shirt and jeans every day. Read the article

Must-Have Fashion Subscription Boxes

By Rachel Sylvester and Madison Alcedo
If you love having someone else pick out your clothes for you, let the stylists at DAILYLOOK help. DAILYLOOK is a fashion subscription box that sends you up to 12 hand-selected pieces either every month or quarterly. Each box is curated with an individual's body shape, preferences, and lifestyle in mind. Read the article
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Many retail subscription companies are still trying to figure out how to succeed in an overcrowded industry - these 9 services rise above the rest

By Connie Chen
DAILYLOOK, a personal styling subscription service, decides a precise merchandise buying budget based on how many clients are scheduled to get styled each month and minimizes inventory risk by pre-testing 100 units of a new style. Read the article
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"I love how convenient it all is. And when you showed us the box - we're all suckers for aesthetics."
Fox40 - Spring Fashion with Dailylook, April 25, 2019
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"Ours [service] is very different because we really value that we have a team of full-time stylists. These aren't just people working remotely from home - they come into the office, they get to interact with the clothes. We are a premium personal styling experience."
KTLA5 - Refresh Your Wardrobe for Spring With Fashion Director of DAILYLOOK, Veronica Black, April 02, 2019
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