Thursday, October 02, 2014
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Designer Spotlight: Carmen Dugan of Keepsake

“I’m excited for…”

When it comes to having cultivated style, no one is more on top of their game than head designer of Keepsake, Carmen Dugan. The chic fashionista chatted with us about her new collection that features polished lines, floral prints, and conventional shapes that will look fab on the DL woman.

Let Carmen effortlessly update your style by learning what her favorite trend for the Fall season is, the must-have piece from her latest collection-that you can grab from DAILYLOOK (of course), and what every girl needs to stop wearing ASAP!

Read on for more on Carmen's fashion insider style!

DL: Tell us about the inspiration behind your collection.

Carmen: The ‘Of the tribe’ collection fuses sleek lines and classic shapes with soft florals and lesstraditional leopard print to create a dreamy, delicate collection.

DL: What do you think makes Australian fashion stand out from the rest of the world?

Carmen: Australian fashion is set apart by it’s ability to take a world wide trend and transform it in a way which is unique.

DL: Which piece from your collection is your absolute favorite?

Carmen: The Star Crossed playsuit that I wore to the VAMFF.

DL: What trends are you most excited for this Fall/Winter?

Carmen: I’m excited for Palazo pants to come back in a big way.
DL: What is your go-to outfit when you’re running late in the morning?

Carmen: Classic boyfriend style tank and leather pants

DL: Tell us one Australian fashion trend that just hasn’t caught on anywhere else.

Carmen: Birkenstocks

DL: What trend do you wish would go away… forever?

Carmen: Ugg boots outside… and leggings worn as pants!

DL: What was your favorite thing to wear as a kid?

Carmen: I used to wear completely girly party dresses everywhere.

DL: Who do you think is the most innovation fashion influencer of today?

Carmen: I really love what Johnny Johanssen is doing at ACNE .
DL: What piece of fashion advice would you give to all your fans out there?
Carmen: Keep it fresh and simple.

Love it. Thanks so much for all of your expert input! Now, here's a few of our own looks inspired by Carmen's incredibly style sensibility.

Simply click on the photo to shop the look!

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