Friday, April 11, 2014
From Samantha Nguyen
Guest Stylist: Ingrid Nilsen

YouTube sensation, Ingrid Nilsen, came to visit us at DailyLook to show us how to perfect pretty, while still keeping it weird! She creates some incredible looks featuring her signature feminine, yet eclectic style. Check out our interview with Ingrid, where she plays with patterns and dishes on donuts.

DL: Ingrid, we really love your sense of style. You have such a great way of balancing your look! What would you say is your #1 fashion faux pas?

Ingrid: I don’t feel comfortable showing too much skin. I think that if your legs are exposed, keep it covered on top. And vice versa.

DL: How do you feel about color?

Ingrid: My favorite color is blue, but coral is definitely the color of the season! I love to wear blushes, earth tones or pops of color with white. Bags are a great opportunity to add color or a fun print. A bag can really pull everything together.

DL: Noted! What kind of outfits do you like to create?

Ingrid: I really like geometric, angular shapes but then to soften it up with something ultra feminine. The black, white, and yellow JOA Mosaic Crop top is a great edgy piece to pair with white scallop-hemmed shorts to make the look girlier.

DL: Where do you find inspiration?

Ingrid: Just living inspires me. Music, food, wherever I’m going I find little bits of inspiration everywhere.

DL: It’s amazing how you are able to connect with people through your YouTube videos. How are you able to get your personality across?

Ingrid: I can be quirky and strange and I’m totally fine with it because that’s who I am. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

DL: Thanks Ingrid! We know how much you love a good donut so we brought you some from our favorite shop in Echo Park.

Ingrid: I love a good Mom and Pop donut. Yum, so good!! LOL!

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